ETX 10. Introduction to Environmental Toxicology (3 units)

Fall Quarter 2014 (alternating even years)

Course Description: Hazardous substances, their effects on humans and their actions and movement in the environment. Emphasis on substances of current concern.

ETX 103A. Biological Effects of Toxicants (4 units)

Winter Quarter 2016

Course Description: Biological effects of toxic substances in living organisms. Metabolism, cellular and tissue targets, mechanisms of action, and pathological effects.

ETX 140. Genes & The Environment (3 units)

Fall Quarter 2015 (alternating odd years)

Course Description: In the postgenomics era, we realize that genetic sequence is not the sole explanation for health and disease. This course explores the possibility that this is due to complex interactions between genes and the environment and our susceptibility to these interactions. We focus on cancer, as well as metabolic, cardiovascular, and neurological health outcomes as assessed by genotoxicity and toxicogenomic methods.


GGG 201A - Advanced Genetic Analysis (5 units)

Fall Quarter 2015

Taught by Dr. Segal and Dr. Bannasch, with guest lecture on mouse models for genetic analysis of human disease by Dr. La Merrill

Course Description: Fundamentals of genetic analysis and chromosome structure using model organisms including mutation, transmission, complementation, suppression, and enhancement as well as epigenetic phenomena at the whole organism and molecular levels.

EPI 272 - Cancer Epidemiology (2 units)

Winter Quarter 2015

Taught by Rosemary Cress, with guest lecture on gene x environment interaction in cancer epidemiology by Dr. La Merrill

Course Description: We will cover the underlying concepts essential to understanding cancer epidemiology, such as trends in incidence and survival, epidemiologic methods used to assess cancer etiology, prevention and control, and an introduction to the cancerinitiation and progression multi-stage model.